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Special Thanks

We are grateful to Möbelix, who allowed us to photograph our products in their beautiful Prague Vysočany showroom.

Think inovation

GeRolls dust protector takes the most basic idea and functionality to help you
keep the environment where you live, sleep, play & work, clean and allergen free.
Household, kindergarten and office are the places most affected by dust, mites,
pet fur & hair, so protecting your health and your children`s health is one of the key missions.
As we expand our mission, dust protector also provides a solution for hospitals,
the food industry and storage with enhanced hygiene measures.

Size it, Cut it and Use it

It couldn’t be more simple, just follow three simple steps GeRolls dust protector
can be installed wherever is necessary.
No more unwanted mess & dirt in your beloved home. GeRolls dust protector & sleeves
offer multiple layers of protection such as:

- In-built anti-microbial resistance
- Additional protection against micro-organisms and mould
- Antistatic & Antialergic properties
- Build-in silver fibers,which actively eliminate germs, odor, bacteria and fungus

Comfort to your lives.


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